New calving help for torsio uteri

GYN-stick makes calving easier.

Heberex introduces innovative calving help for calves and foals

Torsi uteri can be a severe threat for cow and unborn calf. The new developed GYN-stick to turn the uterus, reduces complications during birth.

Until now, treatment existed of turning the calf and uterus by hand. This is not an easy job. You have to turn the calf as well as the uterus with a powerful swing, knowing that the calf and water together weighs about 50 kg.

With GYN-stick, this is not necessary anymore. The strong plastic stick is provided together with ropes and  metal bar. The most used method is the two-person method. The ropes have to be fixed to the legs and afterwards extravaginally to the GYN-stick. The second person turns the metal bar while the vet is monitoring the process intracorporally.

GYN-stick supports a quick calving and can prevent caesarean section.

Geplaats op: 02-04-2012

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